Here you’ll find helpful articles on CPG industry trends and best practices for crafting a more successful strategy.

SAP Integration: 5 Critical Factors for Success in Retail Execution

Integration with backend systems is key to the success of any Retail Execution solution. You want to leverage your investment in your existing ERP solution,...

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Order Taking Best Practices

Order Taking 

There are few things in the CPG world that seem as easy as taking an order. A customer wants “x” number of units for “y” product, and the field...

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Will Old School Field Reps Become Obsolete?

“That’s just the way we’ve always done it” isn’t an uncommon refrain among experienced professionals in any field. CPG field sales reps, perhaps more than most,...

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Using Technology to Support the Overworked Retail Store Manager

When the average customer walks into any retail location, they’re hopefully greeted by fully stocked shelves or racks, clean and bright shopping aisles, and...

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How Automation and AI is Shaping the Future of CPG Sales

General Motors established the first modern automation department in the 1940s in an effort to streamline production of its automobiles by replacing tasks...

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Is Bulk Selling the Future of CPG?

Imagine walking into your local grocery store and instead of aisles of shelves stocked with cans, boxes, and plastic bags, there are rows of bulk bins and...

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The Promise of Reusable Packaging in Consumer Goods

Among the many significant shifts in CPG buyer behaviors over the years is the increased expectation of sustainability and eco-friendliness. While it’s most...

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What Omni-channel Shopping Experiences mean for CPG field sales and Merchandising Teams

“Shopping” used to mean going to a store to buy the particular items a consumer wanted. But in the Digital Age, the term has taken on a whole new meaning.

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Why CPGs Should Focus on Creating a 360-degree Customer View

Much has been made of the various challenges retailers face in the digital age. Consumer tastes and preferences change virtually overnight, new products hit the...

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