Why Mobile Retail Apps Are The Secret to the Perfect Store

the Perfect StoreYou’ll find a variety of mobile solutions on the market that can help you improve your merchandising operations. But only Spring’s mobileRetail app ensures perfect execution of your retail merchandising strategy through a successful exchange of information between your back office and your field team – even when mobile workers are offline.

The Drawbacks of Manual Labor

When done by hand or with outdated technology, implementing a merchandising strategy is incredibly inaccurate and time consuming. It also requires a large field team. With Spring mobileRetail, however, it’s now easy to automate processes such as:

  • Conducting in-store surveys and merchandising audits
  • Maintaining proper facings and optimal planogram strategies
  • Gathering information about competition that can be shared in real time

How Our Mobile Solution Can Help

With Spring, you can be sure that your clients across all purchasing channels (stores, warehouses, mini markets and supermarkets) will always find the products they want in the varieties they need at the appropriate prices.

Helping CPG Brands Like Yours

Spring’s mobileRetail app has already been adopted by some the world’s largest brands, including Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser (RB) and L’Oreal. Our solution allows companies to keep track of products, execute promotions, plan in-store visits and perform surveys. Whether online or offline, the information is always accurate and easily accessible.

Our clients have seen in-store process optimization of up to 50% and increases in sales of up to 20% shortly after getting started with mobileRetail. You’ll be amazed what it can do for you!

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