Merchandising 2.0: Sales Priorities and Time & Mileage Tracking in New Release!

The quest for a best-in-class solution goes beyond mere strategy; it demands a commitment to product excellence. We proudly present the long-awaited features that will empower all merchandising teams to excel in visit execution, simplify payroll processes, and enhance overall Return on Investment (ROI).

Spring Global Merchandising is now enhanced with two critical capabilities: Sales Priorities and Time and Mileage tracking aiming to set a new standard in merchandising solutions.


Sales Priorities

Is a specialized feature designed to optimize retail execution performance by streamlining merchandising tasks and distinguishing them from surveys which are primarily used for data collection. This feature not only highlights key tasks but also offers guidance to field reps throughout the sales promotion or priority validity period. Additionally, it enables real-time reporting on sales priorities implementation, facilitating quick decision-making and necessary adjustments.


Time and Mileage Tracking

This tool is a versatile solution designed to effectively manage field reps and supervisors' time and mileage. It includes features for tracking breaks, editing, commenting, and approving resource utilization, providing visibility and historical data for all users. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with payroll systems such as ADP solution, Ceridian Dayforce, and Cronus for automated data transfer.



Promotion Optimization Institute - Best In Class Solution

Spring Global was recognized for its excellence in Merchandising, Distributors Management, and Internal Collaboration, earning the title of best-in-class solution. For more here.


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