AI-Based Salesforce Automation. Spring Global and CPG Guys Podcast

Artificial Intelligence continues to revolutionize the CPG industry. In this podcast, hosted by CPG Guys, Conor Keane (President and CEO) and Andre Souza (Head of Data & AI) explore the landscape of AI in CPG, discussing current opportunities, challenges, and future prospects.

In this 30-minute video, you'll discover:

  • How AI transforms field reps from transactional order-takers into strategic, consultative sellers.
  • Techniques for leveraging AI to monitor KPIs, predict anomalies, and receive actionable insights.
  • The hurdles of implementing AI in CPG, including data quality concerns and the critical need for clean, reliable data.
  • Ways AI enhances job roles rather than replacing them, focusing on boosting efficiency and sales performance in the CPG sector.

Watch the video now and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving technological landscape.