Making CPG Apps Work for Non-Technical Administrators

IT departments are always swamped. Counting on your IT team to support your CPG mobile apps can result in long delays in rolling out much-needed updates. And these delays can prove costly to your bottom line.

CPG AppsTo remain as agile and efficient as possible, CPG companies need to work with mobile apps that are easy to configure and update. Non-technical managers and field reps need to be able to understand, update and follow processes easily. They also need an easy way to create and ‘publish’ required field activities for specific reps, stores or regions.

At Spring, we take this issue very seriously. That’s why our sales and merchandising apps are supported by a highly intuitive HQ portal that makes it easy for non-tech-savvy users to:

  • Publish activities and merchandising surveys
  • Publish or remove marketing collateral from mobile devices
  • Manage and maintain visit schedules for mobile workforces
  • Provision and de-provision mobile apps as new users join or leave the field team

Spring’s CPG Apps

Mobile Surveys App

Spring’s mobile Surveys app provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop survey tool that lets you create surveys on the fly, translate them into multiple languages, and define which customers they apply to based on region, outlet name, outlet type and more. You simply pick your question type (multiple choice, text, numeric, date or image capture), then define the date range for which it will be active and publish. The next time your field reps’ devices go online, your surveys are published on their activity list for each appropriate outlet.

Mobile Collateral App

Spring’s mobile Collateral app gives your team complete control over the sales collateral you make available to field reps. You can publish documents, images, videos, presentations, spreadsheets or just about any type of file you wish. You also control:

  • When files are published on or removed from mobile devices
  • Who has access to which materials
  • The customer visits on which materials should be presented

Managing store visits is easy using the Calendar feature built into Spring CPG apps. You simply add visits to each user’s calendar, specify what types of visits they are and add any necessary instructions. This way, all of your reps always have a detailed schedule of customers they need to visit.

How Spring Global Works With Your Tech Stack

With Spring, all your IT team needs to do is set up your mobile application when you first get started. After that, it’s very easy for managers to provision the app to their field reps. If they hire new employees, all they need to do is add them as users in the application. The new employees then receive an email displaying a ‘Download and Install’ button that lets them install the app themselves within a matter of minutes.

Spring has gone to great lengths to make sure that our mobile CPG apps are easy to operate and configure by even your most non-technical staff members. We leverage industry best practices and the most up-to-date technologies available to address a wide range of CPG business needs on almost any type of mobile device with seamless operability.

Explore our products today and find out how to increase your field productivity with the industry’s most intuitive and most easily updated mobile user experience.

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