Van Sales Streamlines Ordering, Truck Inventory & Delivery

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Delivering More Than Just Product

Van Sales reps are tasked with selling, order writing, and delivering all in one visit. Spring provides an interactive mobile application to give Van Sales reps the important details they need to make quality decisions while in the field.

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Optimize Van Sales Activities

Empower reps with a quick glance of what’s ahead for each customer visit. The rep can quickly view:

  • Expected visit duration
  • Delivery information
  • Planned activities
  • Get turn-by-turn directions

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Managing Truck Inventory

Truck inventory management ensures van sales reps have what they need to fulfill delivery orders and sell products in the field. With the truck inventory management, reps can manage inventory movement within the truck. Accessing real-time analytics regarding specific products, regions, and store types empowers van sales reps to track trends and patterns. Using this information, the reps can make more accurate order projections to ensure that goods remain in stock.

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Mobile Invoice Creation

Reps must process and keep records of sales and deliveries made during their route. Our invoice creation features:

  • Configurable with portable printers
  • DEX compatibility
  • Capture signatures and obtain proof of delivery
  • Collect payments of all types in the field

A Complete Set of Field Sales Tools in One Solution

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Enable secure and cashless customer payment processing.

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Manage and make deliveries faster and easier.

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Customer Interaction

Achieve maximum customer engagement with minimum contact.

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Create the perfect store visit with every merchandiser.

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Increase sales by providing a 360° view of the customer.


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