Command Center AI

An Autopilot of Management Functions for CPG Sales

Command Center AI is an AI-powered management tool that provides self-piloting capabilities for CPG sales managers. 
It constantly monitors millions of processes, provides route causes and actionable insights, sets store level targets and forecast, tailors the best possible strategy for every situation and automatically evaluates performance of all actions.
Command Center AI offers hyper-automation for the management cycle, accelerating decision-making processes and guiding managers to achieve extreme performance.

Key Benefits


Automation of Management Cycle


Connection of Planning and Execution 


Extreme Performance



Command Center AI is available in 2 sales management roles:
Supervisor/Territory Manager and Sales HQ/Sales VP

For Sales Supervisors

Command Center AI provides supervisors with a 360-degree view of the entrusted territory with top-down/bottom-up opportunities, automates control, and tailors playbooks for extreme performance.

Features include:

1. Store Level Forecasting and KPIs 
2. Actionable Insights
3. Anomaly Detection 
4. Extreme Performance Guidence




For Sales VPs

Command Center AI provides a multi-dimensional view on sales, identifies root causes of situations, tailors the best strategies, and connects planning and execution with store-level forecasting and reporting.

Features include:

 1. Determines effective strategies
2. Bottom-up/top-down forecasting, reporting
3. Real-time monitoring
4. Actionable insights

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