Streamline your Delivery Management


Getting products on shelves in a timely and orderly manner is the most basic requirement for retail brands. An efficient delivery and logistics function creates reliable and harmonious foundation for product success on the shelves. Spring Global’s built-in delivery management functionality ensures maximum delivery efficiency and minimum delays.


Keep Your Delivery Drivers Connected

With so many elements to consider, route planning can be prone to trial and error. Our automated route planning tool suggests optimized routes for drivers based on secondary information like traffic, weather, road closures, store proximity, and more. Built-in live tracking with ETA alerts seamlessly connects field merchandisers, sales teams, and delivery drivers ensuring every team member is where they are expected to be.


Manage Stock on the go 

To make sure your customers are getting the product ordered and in the right quantity, your drivers need to manage their inventory while on the go. Our delivery dashboard ensures drivers can reconcile on-truck inventory, separate damaged and returned products, and complete inventory movements to and from the warehouse or other vehicle locations. Merchandise barcode-scanning optimises stock management and reduces human error.

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Mobile Delivery Confirmation

Your delivery drivers need to keep records of all transactions completed throughout the day. Integrated administrative functionality ensures they can quickly finalize transactions and electronically provide proof of delivery for customers. They will be able print invoices on the go, digitally capture signatures, and collect payments. At the end of the working day, settlement reports can be easily and quickly generated.

A Complete Set of Field Sales Tools in One Solution

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Van Sales

Easy ordering, inventory management, and delivery all in one place.

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Create the perfect store visit with every merchandiser.

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Customer Interaction

Achieve maximum customer engagement with minimum contact.

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Enable secure and cashless customer payment processing.

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Easily increase sales with the frontline sales reps.


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