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In highly competitive markets, your sales teams have to think fast on their feet in-store and act with purpose and precision. Spring Global combines automation, analytics, and access to key insights in one purpose-built platform that converts knowledge into in-store sales.

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Trust the 360° View

Spring’s Mobile platform ensures your sales team has everything they need to know about their customer in one place, and at their fingertips. From buying habits to historical in-store product sales figures, your team can engage in informed discussions with store owners and managers on-the-spot. This level of insight means opportunities can be identified and acted on in-store, increasing sales with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

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A Closer Look Into The Sales Rep Overview

Give sales reps visibility into their daily schedules, with internal team messaging, and pertinent customer data while in the field. Using the overview screen, sales reps can:

  • View their entire day at a glance
  • Manage communication with other team members
  • Track performance in real-time

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Enable Engagement

Built-in guided-selling functionality gives your team the tools, tactics, and technology to drive sales in-store. Empowered reps can interpret key performance insights at stores of comparable size and demographics. Integrated analytics prompt your rep to ask the right questions and direct the conversation to increase orders, cross-sell, and identify opportunities. Sales coaching and training modules are available before and after visits to fine-tune sales performance.

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A Closer Look Into The Customer Dashboard

Give sales reps a 360 degree view of the customer with a complete account overview.

Using the customer dashboard, sales reps can:

  • See historical and planned visits of all team members
  • Access current and upcoming promotions
  • View, complete, and assign tasks to be completed for the customer

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