Perfect Merchandising Execution

A Complete Brand Experience

For too long, your merchandising teams have been swamped in spreadsheets and printed emails, making scheduling and store visits inefficient. Spring Global’s built-in merchandising functionality and features will equip your team with the capabilities and functionality required to operate a well-run merchandising function.


Mastering the Customer Visit

The visit dashboard gives merchandisers access to all the information and functionality they need to optimize the customer visit. Merchandisers can quickly navigate:

  • Customer details
  • Perform assigned tasks
  • Conduct surveys
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Achieve planogram compliance
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

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Track Tasks in Real-Time

You can now create, view, and complete tasks to drive perfect in-store execution. Daily tasks are assigned by role, given due dates, and will show tracked-to-completion status. From building displays to cleaning coolers, your team will have full visibility on all merchandising tasks. Teams can also seamlessly collaborate and liaise on other key issues like equipment maintenance and stocking shelves – and all in real time



Focus on Top Sales Priorities

This new feature acts as a comprehensive guide for sales priorities, specifically tailored for field representatives throughout the entire duration of any sales promotion or priority period. With an abundance of responsibilities, reps can now zero in on the most essential sales activities at the store-specific level, guaranteeing perfect alignment with the overarching sales strategy. 



Streamline Time and Mileage Tracking

This dynamic tool has been designed for the step-by-step management of time and mileage for both merchandiser and supervisor. The functionality covers all essential events, including tracking paid and non-paid breaks, as well as actions such as editing, commenting, and approving the utilization of resources. It gives visibility and history on time and mileage for all users and seamlessly integrates with payroll systems (ADP solution, Ceridian Dayforce and Cronus).

A Complete Set of Field Sales Tools in One Solution

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Van Sales

Easy ordering, inventory management, and delivery all in one place.

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Manage and make deliveries faster and easier.

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Customer Interaction

Achieve maximum customer engagement with minimum contact.

Payments-R1 WHITE


Enable secure and cashless customer payment processing.

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Easily increase sales with the frontline sales reps.


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