Introducing Coach AI

Transforming CPG sales with Artificial Intelligence


In highly competitive Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) markets, sales teams must adapt to the new realities of everyday sales. With many Store Owners and Managers now ordering stock through self-service channels, sales reps must shift from a focus on traditional order-taking and embrace a new age of consultative selling fueled by real-time information and guided selling. CoachAI combines automation, analytics, and access to key insights in one purpose-built platform that consistently drives excellence in store execution.



Benefits of CoachAI

OPTIMUM GUIDANCE - Sales Managers can now assess, guide, and coach sales teams in the field in real-time with practicality and precision.

AMPLIFIED EXPERTIZE - Knowledge of the best performing sales reps and managers is transferred to every other sales rep and manager in the company.

ENHANCED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Store Owners and Managers can now engage in meaningful and productive conversations with sales reps, working together to increase store performance.



Benchmark to Educate

CoachAI’s comparison engine benchmarks and compares store performance, continuously identifying and finding correlations between specific levers and sales performance. Similarly, a comparative skills engine benchmarks and analyzes the performance of Sales Reps and Managers, tracking the correlation between their skills and quality of execution. Based on these metrics, the platform provides a personalized execution guide for every sales representative based on the perfect store concept.

Identify Opportunities in Real-time

Deep trend analysis delivers valuable insights into even the most dynamic marketplace, ensuring your reps know what is selling and why across their category. Built-in opportunity detection capabilities ensure CoachAI is constantly scanning multiple data sets to identify anomalies. Once an anomaly is detected, it then conducts a root-cause analysis to suggest ways to fix or mitigate any issues.



Know the Right Move at the Right Time

A customized library holds playbooks written by Sales Managers in response to typical challenges in the field, taking into account their expertise, store performance, and execution quality history. Our learning module helps identify the best performing playbooks for any given situation. Playbooks can be created by the manager, the rep, or the CoachAI algorithms.




Predict Sales and Perfect Promotions

Accurately track promotion adherence in real-time and highlight variances quickly. CoachAI provides precise and actionable sales predictions, allowing management and operations teams to allocate resources and tailor sales strategies with maximum effectiveness for specific stores.

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