State-of-shelf Image Recognition Software (IR) With SpringPic IR



Image Recognition software that sharpens your view and your competitive edge.

Now more than ever your team’s in-store visits are precious opportunities. Luckily, Image Recognition (IR) has come into its own just in time. Once the domain of futuristic security systems and ever-smarter photo categorizing on iPhones, IR now has something quite practical and within reach to offer CPG brands.

Automate & Optimize Your Store Audits

SpringPic IR is part of our commitment to amplifying your expertise by automating and optimizing your store audits. SpringPic captures the state-of-shelf with unsurpassed accuracy, and KPIs are delivered in under one minute. What’s more, recommended next steps are also displayed to enable quick intervention and have an immediate impact.



Shelf Control in Hand
with Spring’s Image
Recognition Software

Image Recognition helps CPG companies automate and optimize store audits at a time when staffing, time and shelf space are each in short supply.

Being able to fully leverage and rely on IR to drive decision making, however, depends on the degree to which the images yield granular, timely, and accurate insights. Our SpringPic IR technology provides those success criteria -- reliably, rapidly and affordably.

Why SpringPic IR


The neural network is trained to classify client products and pricing to the SKU level, with 96% accuracy and without human assistance. Training of the algorithm to identify new SKUs can typically be accomplished in just one week.


Representatives receive KPIs and action steps with unsurpassed speed – typically 10-30 seconds – so they can institute the best next steps, right there right then, to improve share of shelf, on-shelf availability, and pricing or planogram compliance.


Shelf and locale images can be taken in online or offline mode, and several photos can be combined into one if desired. The software is completely scalable, having accommodated over 20,000,000+ photos and 270,000 visits per month (and counting).


Spring’s Command Center pairs with our IR to provide HQ the oversight and insight to optimize your strategy, and the agility to make it happen. More than just a dashboard, it is powered by AI’s continuous and automated machine learning: it alerts you to any anomalies before they become problems, and provides quickly deployable prompts for corrective or preventive measures that can be sent directly to reps ahead of their next field visit.

Spring's Image Rec Is a Recipe for Success


Reduce Out of Stocks (OOS)

Quickly identify and take action on OOS items and empty shelves


Reduce Audit Time

40-60% less audit time in the store compared to manual audits; have more time to build store relationships


Speed-Up Compliance Check

Align  your current state with fair share or planogram in 1-3 minutes


Increase Sales

See a potential 5-10% increase in sales through clearer, quicker shelf analysis and faster action


SKU & Price Accuracy

96% SKU level Product recognition & 98%
Reading printed & handwritten price

SpringPic Image Recognition - The In-Demand Choice

Not all IR technologies are created the same. Successful brands (Henkel, MARS, Nestle, Philip Morris International, Schwarzkopf, Unilever & much more!) have recognized the acuity and speed of our software
as essential companions to their own strategic and street smarts.

What’s more, with SpringPic software, integration
with existing systems and rollout is swift and straightforward.

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