Spring Success Story: Coca-Cola Bottlers

How Coca-Cola bottlers significantly increased field team productivity using Spring Global’s Field Sales Tools

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Problem: Meeting Business Goals

Coca-Cola bottlers needed a way to quickly deploy a solution that would address their biggest field team operational challenges without the need for extensive customization.

Some primary benefits of Spring's solution include: 

  • True Offline functionality so reps could operate effectively, even without a Wi-Fi connection 
  • Immediate, out-of-the-box operability without the need for elaborate reconfiguration
  • Advanced syncing and data replication that reps don’t even notice
  • Simple integration with Coca-Cola bottlers’ existing applications and databases

“It’s been almost overwhelming when it comes to exposing the opportunities we have in the field…there are millions to be made!”

--Beeland Nielsen, Vice President and CIO at Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc.

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Spring’s modern and intuitive user interface has had a profound impact on field rep productivity for Coca-Cola bottlers. Field reps now have easier access to critical sales information, resulting in more efficient store visits. This has prompted significant time savings along with field reps prioritizing sales over order taking.

Key benefits experienced by Coca-Cola bottlers include:

  • Increased field productivity, resulting in less order-taking time and more selling
  • Up-leveled ability to influence outlet-level dialog with store managers
  • Use of suggestive selling techniques thanks to easy-to-access “Picture of Success” documents and store sales metrics

These improvements are all helping Coca-Cola bottlers to drive revenue growth. Because reps now have easy access to important retail metrics (ie: drain, growth areas, and specific product sales), they are becoming more efficient and consultative in the field, thereby increasing sales.

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The Spring field sales tool has had a significant impact on Coca-Cola bottlers’ field activities. Since implementing the Spring solution, head offices have seen substantial time savings and greater visibility into field activities.

Managers have been able to address critical field issues with targeted coaching, resulting in improved sales performance, greater productivity and increased revenue.

Out of the Box Success


Minutes Saved Per Rep Per Day

Reps are saving an average of 9 minutes per store, which gives them extra time for strategic selling.


Months To Deploy

It took Coca-Cola bottlers just a few months to begin rolling out the Spring solution.


Reduction In Training Time

Training time was reduced to just 4 to 8 hours.


Decrease In Data Sync Time

The legacy solution required 2 hours to sync, whereas the Spring solution syncs in just minutes without users even noticing.


Decrease In Field Equipment Cost

Previous hardware cost $3,000 per unit. New lightweight mobile devices cost $600 per unit.


Increase In Order Accuracy

Reps can now better forecast and suggest orders during store visits.

About Spring Global

Spring offers easy-to-configure, cloud-based mobile apps and management portals that help consumer goods companies leverage data to drive efficiencies, increase field-team productivity, and grow sales. Spring customers are able to transform their operations quickly by deploying out-of-the-box solutions that can easily be configured with a complete array of award-winning features.

About CONA

Coke One North America or CONA (www.conaservices.com) equips Coca-Cola bottlers with the state-of-the-art technology they need to offer superior service to their customers. By defining a common set of processes, standards and solutions, CONA helps Coca-Cola bottlers across North America drive business innovation and achieve a superior customer experience.

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