Spring Success Story: Hunt Brothers Pizza

Maximizing mobile sales profitability at every turn for Hunt Brothers Pizza

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Problem: Meeting 21st-Century Business Needs

Hunt Brothers Pizza needed a mobile field-force solution that would enable its field account managers to do their jobs more efficiently while capturing the data that distributors needed to build and optimize the overall business.

In choosing a new solution, Hunt Brothers wanted:

  • Sleeker, faster, more intuitive interface that could help its field team quickly uncover missed opportunities and improve service
  • Dashboards with real-time data insights for reps to sell more effectively and managers to coach field teams more closely 
  • Portal with real-time data on each store location so leadership could spot trends and improve results on the fly 
  • Lighter, more user-friendly hardware that could be purchased off-the-shelf and maintained at minimal cost

“Spring addressed our marketing, product delivery, and merchandising needs all in one application. The investment in Spring is definitely paying for itself. They have really helped us take our business to the next level.”

--Chris Dorris, Director of IT

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Spring offered Hunt Brothers Pizza a mobile field application and HQ portal that the business could quickly and seamlessly deploy company-wide to address its biggest business challenges, including a solution for lot tracking, without the need for costly and time-consuming customization. 

With lot tracking required in the U.S. by the Food Safety Modernization Act, Hunt Brothers Pizza can now better manage its compliance without having to tack on additional tools or invest in additional software.

Other benefits Spring brought to Hunt Brothers Pizza include: 

  • Offline functionality allowing field reps to use the app without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal
  • Advanced syncing built to automatically sync data in seconds as soon as reps get a cellular or Wi-Fi signal
  • Two-way communication allowing management to push marketing materials and training right to its field teams in real-time

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Since implementing Spring Global’s field tools, Hunt Brothers Pizza has been able to collect data on how stores are performing and what field efforts are working best. The company can also leverage that data to achieve better results from its marketing, operations, and sales initiatives.

Replacing bulky, Intermec devices with lighter, consumer-grade tablets that are loaded with easy-to-use software has been a big win for the Hunt Brothers Pizza field team. Account managers prefer to work with the Spring solution because it’s sleeker, faster, and more intuitive.

Measurable Improvements by the Numbers


Minutes Saved Per Rep Per Day

Now, field account managers can get more accomplished and get home earlier.


Months To Deploy

Spring’s modular, cloud-based platform made it easy for Hunt Brothers Pizza to roll out quickly.


Reduction In Training Time

Having an intuitive interface makes it fast and easy for reps to get up to speed.


Drop In Application Support Calls

The company now has fewer issues to address, and the time needed to support ticket resolution has also gone down.


Reduction In Field Device Replacements

Hunt Brothers Pizza’s new consumer-grade tablets are cheaper and more readily available.

About Spring Global

Spring offers easy-to-configure, cloud-based mobile apps and management portals that help consumer goods companies leverage data to drive efficiencies, increase field-team productivity, and grow sales. Spring customers are able to transform their operations quickly by deploying out-of-the-box solutions that can easily be configured with a complete array of award-winning features.

About Hunt Brothers Pizza

With more than 7,500 locations in 28 states, Hunt Brothers Pizza is the nation’s largest brand of made-to-order pizza in the convenience store industry. Hunt Brothers Pizza offers original and thin crust pizzas by the “hunk” or as customizable whole pizzas. The family-owned and operated company is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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