Manage with Precision

Senior managers need to keep teams motivated and productive while balancing strategy with the day-to-day realities of retail. Spring Global's Field Sales Transformation Platform deploys smart administrative functionality and a wide range of remote management features to enable purposeful, practical, and  strategic field sales management.



Monitor and Benchmark 

An intelligent sales performance dashboard gives you full visibility into your team and sales pipeline in real time, providing you with the ability to monitor and track sales performance. Sales rep performance metrics and benchmarking allows you to compare sales reps to top performers. Data can be applied to fine-tune coaching and help team members to improve performance. 





Identify In-store Challenges

Our unique anomaly detection function detects extreme values or scenarios across different data sources, like sales, shelf execution, visits, customers, and others. A Playbook Assist function offers suggestions for resolving anomalies and enables the management team to review the root cause and recommendations of the next best actions to take. Suggestions can be accepted or rejected. Accepted actions will be automatically deployed the next time the anomaly occurs. 



Manage your Team 

Integrated team management tools means store data can be seamlessly accessed by other team members when it comes to everyday workforce challenges like vacation coverage, sick days, role changes, and transfer of responsibility between reps. Substitution or new sales reps can see their personalized customer profiles and seamlessly continue nurturing and building the relationship.



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