Spring Global Earns Top Marks in POI’s Annual Rankings

2023 Vendor Panorama 
for Consumer Goods Retail 
Sales Execution Capability 
& Solution Advancements

Each year, as part of its Vendor Panorama, Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) evaluates key retail execution vendors and awards Best-in-Class distinctions to standout vendors based on key areas of functionality. This year Spring Global received top marks in 3 overall categories:


  • Distributer Management 

  • Retail Merchandising 

  • Internal Collaboration 


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About Spring Global

Spring Global offers a complete set of Field Sales tools in one solution, from merchandising, pre-sales, and van sales execution to managing deliveries and payments. We are a global player that has doubled our number of users in the last two years. Spring Global was an early entrant into SaaS-based solutions and has a global footprint. SAP has a minority ownership position in Spring Global.

Geographic Presence

  • geographic-img-1

    62% North America

  • geographic-img-2

    8% Europe

  • geographic-img-3

    27% Latin America

  • geographic-img-4

    2 % Asian Pacific

  • geographic-img-5

    1% Middle East/Africa

  • Total Consumer Goods Users (seats)



  • Tiers Represented



Solution Offerings

  • DSD
  • Pre-sales
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Van Sales
  • Distributor Management

What POI Had to Say About Spring Global

Key Differentiators:

The connectivity across a team (merch, sales rep, manager, delivery driver) improves efficiency and the overall customer experience. Recent omnichannel capabilities allow for engagement with customers anywhere, anytime (the customer interaction tool allows you to send hot links to customers to instantly place orders or make payments from anywhere). The strength of the partnership with SAP for integration is a benefit. Spring Global is one of three vendors chosen to be an S4 HANA connector, which provides an integration benefit.

Outlook & Prognosis:

Spring’s footprint in North and Latin America spans multiple use cases that are being extended globally. Spring can build on this solid foundation and collaborative model to grow its community of leading global customers.

Adjacent Offerings:

POS data management and cleansing, eCommerce/Omnichannel – SEO, Digital Image/Asset management, and User Reviews.

Evaluate Spring Global when:

You want a collaborative partner who will take the time to understand your processes and guide you to optimize them. Also, if you want omnichannel capabilities to connect with customers anywhere, anytime.

Spring Global may not be right for you if:

You need just a simple merchandising solution.


  • Mobile UX
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Analytical Insights
  • Social Selling
  • Gamification
  • Technology architecture/delivery options: Private cloud or Cloud-based multitenant SaaS
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    Service Partners

    Spring Global provides all onboarding, implementation, and integration services. They assign a Spring executive sponsor for each client to ensure success. Other partners include:

Technology Partners

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