Here you’ll find helpful articles on CPG industry trends and best practices for crafting a more successful strategy.

Top Trends in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry in 2019

Each new year, consumers eagerly anticipate new products hitting the market. Consumer electronics, food products, and other consumer packaged goods get everyday...

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4 Causes of Stockouts (And What to do About Them)

The Cost of Stockouts.

Few things can impact revenues and customer churn quite like a stockout (or out-of-stock, OOS, if you prefer). When customers go to a...

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4 Big Benefits of Retailers Sharing POS Data with Supply Chain Partners

Adapt or die, they say. Keeping up with rapidly changing industry trends is the name of the game in most industries, but it’s particularly challenging in the...

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Using Data Analytics to Get (and Stay) Ahead of Consumer Purchasing Trends

Click on any article about consumer trends these days and one thing is clear: Millennials are killing the economy. Whether it’s real estate, canned food, or...

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The CPG Market is Changing Fast – Quickly Overcome these 7 Challenges

Like so many other industries, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market is experiencing tectonic shifts. Big traditional brands are competing with smaller...

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10 Must-Have Features for Your Sales Force Automation Platform

By Jennifer Perillo

Don’t waste your time with a sales force automation system that is little more than a set of glorified disparate apps or transactional...

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Spring’s 4 Rules for CPG Customer Support that Works

By Dan Sadler and André Rocha

Customer support for retail management software can sometimes be a moving target. Too often, vendors are slow to respond to...

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Retail Execution Has Never Mattered More

By Bennett Smith

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